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Proposed Anthology Call for Submissions

I’ve been thinking about how I personally follow and celebrate the seasons, and I was reminded of books like Pauline Campanelli’s which followed the Wheel of the Year.  The thing is, of course, while I live in an area that fits the traditional associations for the seasons as presented in most pagan books, how the seasons express themselves can be radically different depending upon where one lives, and so how one would celebrate those seasons would ideally reflect what one is actually experiencing.  This led me to ponder if there would be a way to document this, and if so, how would it be best presented?

Well, I don’t have the answer to that just yet, just some ideas.  Ultimately, I would need to see what is out there and let that tell its story.

So I am asking for submissions to an anthology on the subject open to all Pagans who celebrate the Wheel of the Year.  How does that wheel manifest where you live?  What practices and traditions have you adapted to fit your seasonal environment?  What local cultural elements influence you?

You can submit for all sabbats or just the ones you resonate most with and have something specific to share – practices, nature observations, alternative approaches.  Artwork is also welcome, as are rituals. What is important is that any material is practical – what you actually do.  I would like to steer clear of untested ideas and theories.

This is open to anyone with something to share, not just known names. This is more about the sharing of information than a profit-maker so that gives me the freedom to let this work speak for itself.

If the book gets off the ground, anyone whose material is used will get a few books for free and of course, get credit in the book.

Submissions should include the following:

  • Your submission(s) – MS Word or google doc preferred – but anything that allows me to copy and paste is fine.
  • A short introductory note: who you are, where you are located, and anything you would like to share about your style or tradition of practice.
  • Confirmation that your submission is your own work. 

Timeline:  I’d like to work on the book during the winter for a spring release. But ultimately, it depends on how much interest there is in drawing on submissions.  On Samhain (2023), I will begin reflecting on the direction for this project.

Send submissions to wheelsubmission@waningmoon.com


Looking forward to hearing from you,

John J. Coughlin