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Liber EOS (Library Edition)

Liber EOS (Library Edition)


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Library hardcover edition of Liber EOS by Aion 131, limited to 100 copies (numbered 51-150)

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(The Book of Dawn)

Exists a Book
Weathered pages falling from it
Like leaves from The Tree
Word scribed, spinning
In dimensions not fully known.
In Void, Abyss, Spirit-World, Akasha, Astral Dreamtime
Above the Tree-Ladder-Axis
Words and images melting from it
Spiral down
Into waiting hands
Drop petals, beams of color
Into Form and Flash”

LIBER EOS (The Book of Dawn) is a very personal yet open-source magickal grimoire that is personal ‘spell book’ of a practicing adept as well as an edited book of high magick for anyone with the wit and will to use it. Liber Eos offers the ‘alchemical goal’ of an eclectic adept who has been working within and beyond the Western Magickal Tradition for over four decades. Herein is the distilled results of such ritual explorations in the form of ‘channeled’ original rites, spells, hymns and invocations and a number of sigils and diagrams that are all tools for magick.

To penetrate and use this grimoire assumes that you, dear reader, have a certain understanding of Kabbalah, Magick, as well as modern occult ritual practices and are wise enough to utilize such things in a well created and well warded magickal temple. Magick, when manifested with love & will, is the most powerful force in the cosmos and is not a plaything. It would be wise to utilize the magick which lives and breathes within this tome with forethought, understanding and a bit of wisdom or to simply read and enjoy the contents without actually invoking and calling forth the powers embedded within. Best to leave sleeping wolves lie unless you are ready to run with them!

Liber Eos is the third and final Grimoire in a series published by Waning Moon Publishing, all of which are limited editions. They are: ‘The Black Grimoire,’ Liber Sigil A IAF, ‘The Red Grimoire,’ Liber Phoenix and now this, ‘The White Grimoire,’ Liber Eos. Those who see the pattern here are thrice welcomed into the work. Liber Eos, the last of the three, is something of a ‘completion’ and is both more eclectic and more directly focused on work above Daath. Take that as you will, with at least a particle of salt.

Liber Eos is ‘Open Thelemic’ in nature and is infused with what is often called the ’93 Current’ of magickal energy. To be clear, it is informed and infused with the fiery energies of the current New Aeon of Horus but is penned by a very eclectic ‘rogue Thelemite’ who considers Thelema an open system, encompassing much more that Liber Al and the works of Aleister Crowley. The grimoire is a tree nurtured by many waters aside from the deep well of Thelema and the rivers of the Western Magickal tradition. The author is an initiated Tantrika, has an MA in Ancient Historical studies, has written many other ‘mainstream’ esoteric books on a variety of subjects and is, in essence, an ‘Eclectic Ritualist’ who see All Magick as operative when guided by one’s Holy Guardian Angel.
Also infusing much of this Work is the ‘Maat Gnosis’ as channelled by and with dear friend and fellow adept Soror Nema extended and applied within this text. All Aeons are simultaneous and the application of Maat Magick elucidates a way of blending and balancing the magickal energies of this current fiery age to help us evolve as a species. This is the Great Work and the focus of Liber Eos: Personal and Global evolution.

Much of the art and invocatory scribings herein, as indicated, are manifestations of the powerful union of several magickal currents, from the most ancient ‘nameless aeon’ of the Great God Pan (the tulatory deity of the author, see his The Book of the Horned One) and the Aeons of Isis, Osiris, Horus and Maat….to the forces of Tantrika…and beyond. There is a rich cosmology infusing this book, one of eclectic power and the global mythic implementing of Love & Will.

Weaving throughout this grimoire are the Trumps of the Axil/Aion Tarot, as you will see. Each trump gently indicates the theme of each section. A few words need to be said about the role of these trumps. From 1978-1980 the author helped found the Horus Maat Lodge and began and completed the magickal working known as ‘The Knowledge And Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel.’ These events unleashed a tsunami of transmissions, gnosis, and art, much of thrives here in Liber Eos, living within the forest of these original Tarot trumps. They encode the ‘gnosis’ of the Work at the time. The alchemy of creating each trump was ongoing for years and included erasing and redoing sections, doing multiple versions and so on. These trumps help to ‘earth’ and visually weave a matrix of meaning and context about the varied poems, rituals and magicks within this grimoire.

Liber Eos, the final Grimoire of this trilogy, offers the documentation of an extended past initiatory process which, of course, launched a new beginning. The author’s dive into the Abyss of Magick in the 1970s & 1980s resulted in an accelerated and powerful explosion of creativity that left this body of invocations, rituals and art: stepping stones of insight for the reader which will hopefully prove useful for those on the Path. You who hold this know that within you are all the magickal and esoteric secrets of the universe. Remember that: “The Will to Love is the Law to Live” and that you are a Star. BE that star with joy. IAO SABAO- such are the words!

“There is NOthing, it PLAYS: THAT is All.” – Panurge

Library Edition Hardcover limited to 100 copies (numbered 51-150)


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